PPC Management

Organic optimization has always been weighed against PPC or Google Adwords to find out which gives you a higher leverage in the online rankings. The fact remains that both of them are wonderful ways of generating more business. PPC Management Services or Pay per Click is a successful investment in fetching you top rankings in a very short time period. PPC also known as Google Adwords. Google Adwords is an online campaign where you pay to get top searches on Google. This paid search is visible on the top and right of a Google page.

Allocating a budget to keywords is not enough for any business owner. He or she must also know how to best utilize the campaign for best results. Let us show you an example of this. If you want to target people looking for post-retirement benefits, you cannot run your ads over the 20-30 year age group. This is exactly where you may require our PPC Management services– to create a tailor-made campaign for success.

We start with your budget allocation and find out what suitable keywords should be used and how many of each shall the budget be spread for. We do a Competitive Benchmarking for your demography and find out what keywords will benefit you most. Of course, your suggestions also aid us in finalizing the PPC keywords.

We have given an example above that shows how ads must be targeted for the right age groups. Similarly, they should also be targeted for the right time-slots. We as professional consultants take care of it. We minimize your cost per click while aiming to increase your ROI. We also figure out if there are any fake clicks generated by your rivals. Reporting such clicks to Google is also part of our job.

Google AdWords Partners

At White Lodge Marketing, as Google AdWords Partners our aim is to run in sync with your goals and have the right information in regards to what direction you need to go. We send you monthly reports to update you on your progress. One of our Dedicated PPC Management is there with you throughout your project. They will assist you with any queries about your Pay per Click campaign.

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