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At White Lodge Marketing we make sure that the SEO Services we offer are the best you can get anywhere by constant Research & Development. Google understands that the only way to manage a huge repository of websites is to constantly change its own algorithms. Though it is for the general good, it also brings a lot of headaches to business owners. They cannot figure out what to do to stay afloat or be visible on the top pages of Google.
With our SEO Services we aim at expansive research and a dynamic system of evaluation to read the algorithmic trends better. We also have our in-house SEO Consultants working towards future trend prediction. (Will there be Penguin updates in April or not or whether Panda will create its own global clone.

Our SEO Style

We provide you with a Search Engine Optimisation report once a month to keep you up to date with your progress. This is to make sure that you know how much progress we are making to your rankings on a monthly basis. We constantly keep you updated about any changes and content that may need to be changed or added. You can contact us via phone or email, providing you friendly customer support 6 days a week (8 am-8 pm).

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    FOR Effective SEO Services, our aim is to get you higher sales conversions & boost ROI.


      • We use only organic content for our SEO services, as Google does not like in organic use of keywords in press Releases or Articles.
      • We follow natural structure for back-linking and keep away from any spamming techniques.
      • We do not allow content duplication or repetitive anchor texting at all.
      • We use progressive methods like Snippeting to secure higher merit for your website in the eyes of Google.
      • In case, you have already got yourself a huge chunk of spam links, we aim to clean them up before moving ahead with our seo services.
      • We choose keywords after assessing your competitors and doing a Competitive benchmarking for your business.
      • We use only reputed directories for article submission and introduce Guest Posts (apart from the normal ones) for gaining priority in Google’s vision.

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